Yarrow Field (poetry)

1990 American Book Series Award

“Regina McBride’s psychic terrain is the uncanny. She brings a note of pathos and terror, that is new in American poetry, and she handles her startling material without sensationalism. McBride registers deep grief with eloquence and ferocity and an unflinching gaze, as if she were reaching for something beyond language. There’s an unforced strangeness in her mingling of personal history, dream, and myth of the landscape of the Southwest. The risks she takes pay off.”
            -Mark Rudman

“Regina McBride’s work is daring, quick, powerful: her drumming and music calls out from the center-of-the-world room of childhood, ritual, shocked vision. Her intelligence floats, an underwater reverie, full of the light of fairy tales, and the deep sense of experience as the passage of a soul.”
            -Jean Valentine

“Regina McBride’s poems in Yarrow Field have an air of the heart in a dream. Their messages are marvelous and clear. There’s an understanding of the past and “helping spirits” which is profound. The book is a blessing.”
            -Michael Burkard

-from Small Press Review:
“McBride’s poetry haunts with living nightmare—the scars of inheritance, the entrapped child longing to be free, the canny adult that knows there is no familial escaped…  Shocking in intensity, her music is in her strength to hear harshness with a lyrical tenderness. Her psychological tangle is tightly wrought from the personal, the surreal, the Jungian collective unconscious, ritual, and myth… [She] resists the temptation to easy transcendence to courageously register deep sorrow for which there is no recovery.”
            -Gayl Teller