The Fire Opal

Junior Library Guild Award

“A compelling, addictive read. Filled with fantastic creatures and hair-raising adventure, the mystical, imaginative tale should appeal to fantasy fans of all ages.”

“McBride wraps a traditional quest in Celtic clothing, with a message that love can be nurturing and healing, or obsessive and unhealthy.”

“Will appeal to dedicated fantasy fans.”
            -School Library Journal

“Irish history and legends; shape-shifting; romance; mystery; all these intertwine in this eerie taleā€¦ Regina McBride is a master storyteller, interweaving the supernatural with the realistic.”
            -Sacramento Book Review

“When Maeve sets out on her magical quest, she journeys into a deftly imagined world filled with Mermaids, swan women, ghost souls, and even a Valkyrie.”
            -Junior Library Guild Monthly

“McBride draws the reader into a place of true magic, where there are no boundaries separating the real world and the fantastic, only enchanted gateways.”
            -Esther Friesner, author of Nobody’s Princess